Carol Forget

For the past 14 years, Carol has worked with a boxing trainer, but her passion is for Functional Training, which mirrors the activities of daily life. Using stability balls, resistance tubing and the BOSU, she integrates core, balance and strength challenges into her workouts. 

After assessing a client’s needs and abilities, she tailors individualized programs to correct imbalances, and accommodate any injuries and physical limitations. Carol loves working with beginners, and they appreciate her patience and humor. She still remembers painful, humiliating one-size-fits-all high school gym classes.  Her sessions offer the complete opposite. Clients leave feeling stronger, more confident and empowered. 

As a freelancer, she wrote articles on health, fitness and alternative therapies before becoming a personal trainer seven years ago. 


  • NASM-Certified, with specializations in Corrective Exercise and Senior Fitness


  • Functional Training (including BOSU, stability ball & resistance tubing exercise )
  • Balance Training
  • Corrective Exercise, including postural improvement
  • Neuromuscular Stretching
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Senior Fitness

TRX-qualified in Suspension Training, Rip Training and Sports Medicine Suspension Training.


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