August Job Search Workshops

August 7, 14, 16, 28 | FREE | 197 East Broadway

August Job Search Workshops

August 7, 14, 16, 28 | FREE | 197 East Broadway

Counselors are available to meet people individually who are looking for a job or need new ideas for their job search.

August 7 – 10:00am
Successful Interviewing With Your New Boss

Don’t let an unexpected interview question or a lack of preparation catch you off guard. This workshop will provide you with a step-by-step guide to navigating the interview process, from researching the company before you arrive to writing a stand-out thank you note once you leave.

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August 14 – 10:00am
Ready…Set…Get A Job!
Learn what it means to hunt a job and preparing yourself for a better job search. In this workshop, we will go over the importance of having an organized job search “campaign”. Armed with a schedule, we will provide you with ways to create a plan of action, find jobs in the hidden market, and how to follow up on potential opportunities.

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August 16 – 10:00am
Open Computer Lab – Use a Computer for Job Search / Improve Skills/Work with A Tutor

Interested in improving your Microsoft Office skills? Work with a tutor, one-on-one, in a small group setting and get assistance in improving your Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills. The session will be facilitated by a former Computer Systems Professor who also teaches Microsoft Office at local schools and libraries in NYC. Computers will be provided during this workshop.

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August 28 – 10:00am
On-Line Job Search and Research

On-line job search can be confusing and very time consuming. In this workshop, you will learn the best places to search for jobs, discover networking techniques, how to use social media like LinkedIn and the best way to prepare for an interview. Computers will be provided during this workshop

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 Location: Manny Cantor Center – 197 East Broadway

(Workshops are 90 minutes long)

 All workshops and private meetings with a Counselor are free of charge. 

 For further information speak with a Coach or to register for one or all workshops:
Call 646.395.4260 or by email at employmentservices@edalliance.org 

Counselors are also available to meet people individually.

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