July Job Search Workshops

July 10, 17, 21, 31 | FREE | 197 East Broadway

July Job Search Workshops

July 10, 17, 21, 31 | FREE | 197 East Broadway

Counselors are available to meet people individually who are looking for a job or need new ideas for their job search.

July 10 – 10:00am
Write Your Resume for Your New Job

Your resume is one of the most important tools you will need to land that next interview. In this workshop we will go over how to prepare your resume and show you are “the right fit” for the job. (Bring your resume with you to this workshop)
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July 17 – 10:00am
Build and Practice Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch

At this workshop you will build a pitch and collaborate with other attendees to ensure you are delivering the best pitch, with great confidence – not too fast, not too slow, with good energy, genuinely and confidently.
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July 21 – 2:00pm
Microsoft Word – Working with Documents

Hands-on workshop builds on Word basics topics covering more advanced design and formatting such as bulleting and numbering, text alignment and creating a resume. Our instructor presenting this computer training is currently a software developer in the financial services industry. (Computers will be provided during this workshop).
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July 31 – 10:00am
Decoding Job Descriptions

In this workshop you will be taught how to read a description and look for the key words and phrases that are constantly repeated. Bring a job description with you and work with a Counselor to decode it.
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 Location: Manny Cantor Center – 197 East Broadway

(Workshops are 90 minutes long)

 All workshops and private meetings with a Counselor are free of charge. 

 For further information speak with a Coach or to register for one or all workshops:
Call 646.395.4260 or by email at employmentservices@edalliance.org 

Counselors are also available to meet people individually.

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