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Join us as we stand with Families Belong Together: June 14

Dear friends and colleagues,

This morning, like most mornings, I stood in the lobby of MCC and watched a steady parade of children and caregivers come to school. 

As grown-ups parked strollers and scooters, I could hear snippets of conversation:

“Emma, do you have your lunchbox?”

“James, please take your rain jacket.”

“Sweety, please help grandma fold the stroller!”

Some conversations happened in languages I could not understand, but the meaning was clear: a stuffed animal retrieved from a dad’s backpack, a reminder to eat one last bite of an apple before going to class, a swiftly deployed tissue to wipe a runny nose.

These are the sights and sounds of children who are loved and who are safe. 

A very different scene is playing out at our nation’s borders. As numerous news reports have confirmed, U.S. government agents are forcibly separating children from their immigrant parents, sending the children to foster homes or detention centers while their parents are sent to jail.  Often, the parents do not know their children’s whereabouts, or even if they are safe.  The children are sent to live with strangers or in prison-like detention centers, unaware of whether they will ever be reunited with the families. 

This cannot continue.

I will be participating in a rally to protest this cruelty on Thursday (tomorrow, June 14) and I would like to invite you to join me.  The rally, right near the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn, has been organized by Families Belong Together, a broad coalition of immigrants’ rights, religious, justice, and legal advocacy groups. 

We will meet just outside the front doors of the building at 5pm and travel together to Brooklyn.

With hope and with love,


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