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Instructor Highlight: Creativity and a Passion for Teaching

Insructor Hightlight Creativity and a passion for Teaching

We have a line-up of exciting new classes coming to you this winter! We talked to our instructors to find out what creativity means to them and what they find most inspiring about teaching art to others. Read more about each of our instructors below and sign up yourself or a family member for one of their upcoming classes in painting, silk screen printing, and so much more! Learn more about all of our winter classes and register here.

Jodie Niss

I teach watercolor,  oil painting, and acrylic. I love to teach painting as a whole, it’s how I best express myself and it is the medium I most enjoy helping students use to express themselves.  

Creativity helps the mind grow. Creativity helps students express feelings, by teaching individuals how to see or speak in new ways.

I am so rewarded when a student picks up a new painting technique that they thought they couldn’t do. I love it when my students find joy and happiness together as a class and within themselves. As a teacher I am also someone that helps guide students in their personal discovery on who they are and what brings them joy. The results come through beautifully in the art that the student makes.


Jacqueline Riutort

I teach drawing and painting because there’s nothing more special than teaching a student something new and having them fall in love with a new craft.

Creativity is important because it’s all about thinking outside of the box, and transforming visions and ideas to life. My favorite part about having a creative mindset is the freedom to create however I want. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Plus being creative is a super power.

I must say what I love most about teaching is seeing my students visions brought to life. There is something special about knowing you were a part of that creative process.

Mauricio Trenard

I teach screen printing because I feel a great passion for patterns, colors and layers. This medium resonates with me personally because I grew up in an environment full of a diversity of patterns and colors. It is the way I see the world.  It is the perfect medium to teach how to be open to unexpected results and amazing, unplanned discoveries.

Creativity is important because it is the natural tool we have as humans to take things from reality—what we see, do and touch—and to interpret and translate them in a new and personal way.

What I love most about teaching is it exercises my creativity, inspires me and enhances my learning process. I think the more I teach, the more I become an artist.

Alex Pimienta

I like to share some of the knowledge that I’ve acquired in my years of experience as an artist. Not only the skills of painting—but also the relationship that exist between art and life.  

Creativity is what helps us to recognize our uniqueness as a person. It is the bridge that connects our imagination with reality.

Teaching gave me the opportunity to help to create an environment where we can release our imagination and experience happiness by exploring freedom.

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