Ceramics Classes in NYC

Prospective students across skill levels are invited to join our Adult Ceramics course, in which burgeoning potters are introduced to the foundations of the medium—from using a pottery wheel to handsculpting and glazing—and intermediate students can take rudimentary practices to the next level by learning how to form handles, lids, spouts, and other finishing touches that elevate basic vessel forms. Advanced participants have the opportunity to customize their instructional experience based upon their interests and abilities. All levels welcome.

Adult Ceramics Classes Include:

  • Small group setting (maximum 11 students per class)
  • Materials including clay, glazes, and tools
  • No hidden fees & up to 1000 cubic inches bisque and glaze firings at no additional cost.
  • Firing fees of 4 cents per cubic inch after the first free 1000 cubic inches of firing (One time credit card payments required before the end of the term).
  • Adult Open Studio time – 24 hours per week.

Weekday morning, weeknight, & weekend classes offered. 

Adult Ceramics Classes: