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UPK at MCC is

an inspired, responsive, progressive pre-K program that follows an emergent, project-based curriculum, UPK at MCC serves 4- and 5-year-olds and their families; it is provided for free to all families in partnership with the NYC Department of Education. This program runs five days per week, with an optional extended day until 6pm.

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UPK at MCC is an inspired, responsive and progressive Pre-K program built on a few simple principles: All children are competent, capable and curious. All families have something to contribute. We are stronger together. Our teachers create safe, joyful and nurturing learning environments that foster inquiry, exploration and reflection, and work collaboratively with children to co-construct a curriculum that draws inspiration from children’s interests and the world around us. Families are our partners, joining together with children and teachers to create a seamless connection between home and school.

Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will open in early February 2019. All children born in 2015 are invited to apply, regardless of household income. Please contact Louis Hamlyn-Harris, Director of UPK at MCC, at 646 395 4253 or UPK@mannycantor.org if you have any questions.

於MCC的UPK (學前班) 是一個具啟蒙性、發展性且注重反響的學前課程計畫,此學前課程是以以下幾個簡單原則所建立的:所有孩子都是具有天份、有能力且充滿好奇心的,所有家庭都具有貢獻的潛能,而當我們團結在一起時會更加強大。我們的教師致力於創造安全、快樂及滋養的學習環境,以啟發及培養孩子的探究力、探索力和反思能力,此外,教師們更會活用從生活周遭乃至孩子們的興趣所得到的靈感做為與孩子們一同規劃課程的基石。每個家庭都是我們在早期教育的重要夥伴,請您協同您的孩子與老師們一同創造一個讓家裡與學校無縫接軌的橋樑。

2019-2020 學年的註冊將會於 2019 年1月開始,不論家庭收入,我們歡迎並鼓勵所有在 2015 年出生的孩童申請。若您有任何疑問,請聯繫我們 UPK 的主任 Louis Hamlyn-Harris,電話: 646 395 4253    或電郵:UPK@mannycantor.org

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upk@mannycantor.org or at (646) 395-4253

Manny Cantor Center is grateful for the generous support of the Jewish Communal Fund as the founding donor of the Jewish Day Care initiative, with a gift made through UJA-Federation of New York, and for the JCF’s support in piloting this new model of family engagement.

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