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Democracy only works if we participate, which starts by recognizing the issues we face as a community, as a city, and as a nation and finding ways to build relationships and common understanding with each other. At MCC, we have a variety of ways to build community and connections, and individuals can learn a new skill or more about an important issue. Join us for our series of civic-education events in partnership with America 101, during which we take the issues you hear about in the news and learn about them from a variety of angles and contexts to better understand how they connect to our own lives and community and also explore how to engage and take action.

Citizenship Classes at MCC

Thinking about applying for U.S. citizenship?  Waiting for your interview date?  We can help.  Free Zoom classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11- 12:30 am.  We practice the four parts of the test:  reading, writing, English conversation, and American history and government.

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考虑申请美国公民身份? 等待您的面试日期? 我们可以提供帮助。 周二和周四上午 11-1230 的免费Zoom在线公民课,我们将练习考试的四个部分:阅读、写作、英语会话、美国历史和政府。


¿Está pensando en solicitar la ciudadanía estadounidense? ¿Está esperando la fecha de su entrevista? Podemos ayudar. Clases gratuitas de Zoom los martes y jueves por la mañana de 11 a 12:30 am. Practicamos las cuatro partes de la prueba: lectura, escritura, conversación en inglés e historia y gobierno de los Estados Unidos.

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