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Member: Jose Arbona

Great place – clean, equipment is good and working unlike some other gyms. Nice view, and very nice employees. Worth it!!! Glad I joined. 

Member: Larry Fleischman

Great gym. Facility is excellent, staff is a pleasure to be around. I leave here feeling physically and mentally refreshed. Thank you MCC. 

Member: Andres Felipe Jaime

It is a great clean recreation center and its support staff is very positive and always ready to help. Thanks. 

Member: Gunti Singh  

Returning to the gym is great, I’m so glad you’re open and everyone is doing fine. Being at the gym feels like pre-Covid days. 

Member: Dorothy Mcarey  

The Center opened on Oct 1st, and I’ve been here 10x. I feel safe. I am older and have respiratory issues but I have great confidence in all the safety protocols. 

Member: Paul Weissman 

The gym is a great community asset, particularly in this time of Covid. I am 73 and feel completely safe here. Equipment is well spaced, members are not packed in (appointments are necessary), everyone wear masks, staff is great and cleaning is done obsessively. 

Member: Kristal Aliyas 

The best thing about MCC is the sense of community. I was gone for A YEAR…and Michelle and other staff members still remembered me! I also love that we’re supporting a community center by being MCC members versus joining a corporate gym. Another bonus is that MCC is right in the neighborhood! I love being able to walk to the gym! Being a member of one that is within close proximity to my apartment is another way for me to feel connected to my local community. I’ve even seen members on the bus, at the library, and at Trader Joe’s! 

I also truly loved the classes and totally miss the community feel of seeing familiar faces when we’d enter the Group Exercise room. Coming to MCC for the machines is a newer experience for me because some of them are completely foreign, even with the signage. Thankfully the MCC team is so helpful and always there to answer my questions about how to use each machine 🙂 

The size of MCC is just right for me because I didn’t want a big gym where I would feeI like a number. I like the variety of the machines and equipment available. I also appreciate how there are options at our gym I haven’t seen readily available at others – the climbing wall, the various workout stations, and even the punching bag. In addition, the bright smiles and welcome from all staff members when I enter is invaluable. While I was slightly concerned about the price of membership, I realized that I’m investing in my community and know that it’s money well spent to support this organization that helps the public in many ways. 

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