Infant and Toddler Center

Nestled in the heart of the Manny Cantor Center, our full-day Infant and Toddler Center at the Educational Alliance Preschool empowers children to explore the world through their own eyes. Led by nurturing, experienced teachers, children ages 3-24 months explore light-filled surroundings and build joyful social interactions with peers. Our educators work in partnership with our families: teachers help parents navigate the amazing journey of early childhood, and parents help teachers to best understand their own child’s unique gifts.

A New Vision For Infant and Toddler Care

Our program is poised to be a change maker in the landscape of infant and toddler care and education. See some of the program highlights that set us apart below.

  • Led by professional and highly experienced teachers
  • Facilitated learning through selection of materials, support of peer socialization, and cultivating a space for listening, exploration and wonder
  • Focus on attachment and care (eating, sleeping, diapering), and relishing these opportunities.
  • Creating a community of partnership between parents, children, and educators
  • Guided by Jewish and universally relevant values, such as generosity, gratitude, and kindness
  • 5-day, 3-day, and 2-day options available to support working families


Reach us via opens in a new windowe-mail or at 646.395.4250 to learn more.