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Changemakers at MCC is a movement of engaged New Yorkers taking action to strengthen the Lower East Side.


Our nationally recognized volunteer initiative creates meaningful short-term, long-term, and occasional volunteer opportunities that meet the strategic needs of our programs while providing individuals a chance to give back and engage with their community. It is a great first step to getting involved.

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Democracy only works if we participate, which starts by recognizing the issues we face as a community, as a city, and as a nation and finding ways to build relationships and common understanding with each other. At MCC, we have a variety of ways to build community and connections, and individuals can learn a new skill or more about an important issue. including our series of civic-education events in partnership with America 101, during which we take the issues you hear about in the news and learn about them from a variety of angles and contexts to better understand how they connect to our own lives and community, while also exploring how to take action.


At MCC, we are not only committed to ensuring our community has the opportunity to vote but also to advocating for the issues and ideas we hold valuable, while supporting the voices of our community. This will be a place to stay connected and updated on timely issues, and also share with us what is on your mind or how you are advocating for change.

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Deb Scher, Director of Strategic Service and Civic Engagement or at (646) 395-4184

Through Changemakers at Manny Cantor Center, Educational Alliance is certified as a Service Enterprise, joining a small cohort of non-profits committed to effectively delivering on their mission through strategic volunteer engagement.