Youth & Teen Community Art Classes in NYC

These after-school ceramics courses indulge the creative curiosities of young sculptors-to-be. We invite students to delve into the decorative and functional world of this ancient three-dimensional art form, and create clay-based artworks using the foundational slab, pinch and coil methods of hand-building. Participants will also have the opportunity to experiment with the potter’s wheel and glaze their own creations. Supportive instruction and small class sizes allow for a personalized experience.

Classes feature:

  • Small group setting (Due to COVID-19, ceramics sessions are running at a limited capacity of 5 students per session).
  • Materials including clay and glazes.
  • Students must provide their own clay tools. Tool-packs can be purchased in the studio for $20.00
  • Open Studio is not included for youth and teen ceramic courses.

No youth and teen classes when NYCDOE schools are closed.