Voter Information

Get Ready for the New York Primary Election!

The New York Primary will be held Tuesday, June 25th with an early voting period from Saturday, June 15th – Saturday, June 23rd. If you haven’t already, register and update your information to prepare for the upcoming local primary election in June!

New York Primary: Tuesday, June 25th

Early voting period will be from Saturday, June 15th – Saturday, June 23rd.

  • Check if you are already registered here 
  • Register to vote online here. You will need: NYS Driver License, Permit or Non-Driver ID, and Social Security Number. 
  • Use a paper form (can always pick-up from Manny Cantor Center). We have forms in English, Spanish and Chinese. 
  • Can call 1 (800) FOR-VOTE to request a form in another language 
  • For more information visit the Board of Elections website 
  • Your polling location will most likely be different than it will be on election day 
  • Poll station hours vary each day  
  • You can visit for early voting details     
  • This is the last day you have to vote! 
  • Polls will be open from 6 AM – 9 PM. As long as you are in line by 9 PM you will be allowed to vote.  
  • Find your polling place here 
  • Visit this link to access all the information you need and to learn how to request your ballot 
  • If you need an absentee ballot, we recommend requesting it as early as possible to avoid delays or issues 
  • PRIMARY: Last Day for Board of Elections to receive request: June 12th, 2023 
  • PRIMARY: Last Day to Postmark or Deliver in person: June 27th, 2023 
  • GENERAL: Last Day for Board of Elections to receive request: October 23rd, 2023 
  • GENERAL: Last Day to Postmark or Deliver in person: November 7th, 2023 
  • The 2023 Election in NYC is a local election for City Council and Civil Court Judges
  • Want to see what’s on the ballot for you? You can also learn more here.
  • What does the City Council do? Learn more here. 
  • Want to learn more about what each elected office does? Learn more here. 
  • Who is on your ballot? Get to know your City Council District here.
  • Two state-wise ballot proposals you will be asked to vote “yes” or “no” on each. These will be approved if they receive a majority vote.
  • Review your rights as a voter here
  • If you believe your rights are not being met in these or any other ways, there are several resources you can use to report them: