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Changemaker Spotlight: Margret & Helaine

Meet Margret and Helaine (if you come to MCC, you probably already have)! These two rockstar volunteers play such a vital role for us at the Manny Cantor Center. For the past six years Margaret and Helaine have volunteered every weekday, helping to run our Weinberg Senior Center meal service, our weekly bingo games, collecting donations for the annual raffle, and so much more. These two amazing women have become sisters while together volunteering over 16,700 hours here at MCC, which is extraordinary.

Times are difficult for everyone right now, but that has not slowed down Margaret and Helaine’s commitment to our community. The dynamic duo are calling their fellow senior center members each week, keeping everyone connecting during this challenging time. We are so grateful to have Margaret and Helaine as part of our community, and for their tireless efforts, generosity and ingenuity to be a source of support for those that need it.