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Changemaker Spotlight: National Volunteer Week

Dear MCC Changemakers,

Our MCC volunteer appreciation event is one of my favorite days of the year. Getting to spend time with all of you, our dedicated and passionate changemakers, eating great snacks, and showing our deep gratitude for all you do is a reminder of why I do the work I do, and how you make that all possible. While we cannot be together this year to celebrate, I am no less thankful. I miss the energy of being at MCC, and our volunteers are the heart and soul of that, ensuring that all of our programs can run smoothly, provide critical support to our community, and bringing energy and enthusiasm each day. I wanted to share with you some numbers that while only scratch the surface of the importance and impact of our volunteers, help to show how much you bring to our center (and now our virtual center) and work:

·       In 2019, volunteers contributed 23,000+ hours, which is equivalent to 11 Full-time staff members

·       We average 2,075 volunteer hours each month

·       Volunteers help ensure that:

o   Our older adults are served lunch each day

o   Our teens get into college

o   Our community has the opportunity to learn English

o   Our art students can practice their craft

o   New voters are registered

o   And so much more!

Thank you for all you do, from those that come every day to those that come a few times a year, we are so appreciative that choose to give your time and energy to the community at Manny Cantor Center. I look forward to seeing you in person again very soon to say thank you and cheers!