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In honor of National Poetry Month

Excerpt from a poem by Croilot Semexan, College Advisor/Program Coordinator, in honor of National Poetry Month:

Educational Alliance

We maybe Health and Fitness
but don’t get it twisted

We be arroz con habituela talking that Spanglish
on East 1st, 2nd, and 3rd street?

We be mac and cheese with Kool Aid popsicles
upfront and bold doing the

Patty Cake! Patty Cake!

We be the Great Wall of China
build right on Canal Street
bearing the children of broken English

We are ESOL on a brand new level

Jewish before and after Shabbat
Shalom brother! Shalom Sister!

We are

We felt the hunger of a star before birth
sketched on the stomach of a goddess
crossing Delancey Street
painted on a canvas
looking like you and I

book smart/ street smart

Joined and tangled
tight and swift like ropes in-between jumping jacks

We are Pride Sites/Project Help

So brave,
we overcome the crack/cocaine

So strong,
we survive Hurricanes like Sandy

so tough,
you can feel the drive
channeling out of the lips of our youth
dying to make it to college

We are Youth Development

Where our teachers
family workers
CEO’s and staff
Understand you
they were

We have senior citizens
That will out dance you because
We are

This is where our 2,3,4, and 5 year olds
will teach you how to sleep in peace
after 9-11
at a Head Start or
Early Head Start

We are
School of the Future

White, Black, Brown
Turquoise blues

You can smell the diversity
At 12 o’clock noon

Where hands are
Joined, tangled, in
Tight ropes
So strong
That an allegiance is formed
At the

Educational Alliance

Help support our important community work.

Help support our important community work.