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Over the last few weeks, numerous news reports have confirmed that U.S. government agents have been forcibly separating children from their immigrant parents at our borders, and sending the children to foster homes or detention centers while their parents are sent to jail. Often, these parents do not know their children’s whereabouts, or even if they are safe.

In response, members of our Manny Cantor Center community attended a rally organized by Families Belong Together, a broad coalition of immigrants’ rights, religious, justice, and legal advocacy groups.

We will not be silent while families in our country are forcibly separated, or detained.

The President has signed an executive order that he claims will end family separation, but to be clear: families and children will still be detained in internment camps at our borders, and it may be months before families are reunited.

Next week — and for as long as it takes for justice to prevail and for families to be reunited and released — we will continue to stand with the families at our borders and the immigrants in our communities.

We invite you to raise your voices and join us to protest this cruelty:

Add Your Name to Our Community Campaign to End Family Detention
Friday, June 22 – Friday June 29th | Manny Cantor Center Lobby

Join Our Group Attending Accompaniment Training at East End Temple
Wednesday, June 27  | Manny Cantor Center Lobby
(Please sign up in advance here.)


Join a Community Conversation
Tuesday, June 26th, 6-7PM | 14th Street Y
(RSVP here.)


Rally Sign Making | BYO Materials
Friday, June 29th, 4-6PM | Manny Cantor Center, 4th floor
(RSVP here.)


Meet Up to Attend “Families Belong Together” Rally in Foley Square
Saturday, June 30th, 9:15 AM | Meet in Front of Manny Cantor Center
(RSVP here.)

Register or Pledge to Vote
Tuesdays  7/3, 7/17, 7/31 and 8/14 | Manny Cantor Center Lobby

www.familiesbelongtogether.org to sign the petition being delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate, and share their message on social media.

Call your representatives.
You can find them here and learn more about the issue from “Families Belong Together”, here and the ACLU here.

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