Jaleh Fazel is a Brooklyn based ceramic artist and instructor. In addition to a committed teaching practice with the ceramic wheel, her experience working within the traditions of clay include tile making and hand building techniques. In her practice, forms are often punctuated by visual texture achieved through glazing and layering. Her research and exhibition record, include visits to Japan, Finland, India, Estonia, Italy and her native Iran where she was first introduced to pottery as a child. In addition to “clay”, her interest in gardening, cooking and jewelry making inform her practice in sometimes unexpected ways. When she’s not elbow deep in clay or cooking dough, she can be found teaching classes in the New York area or maybe working part-time at a tea shop in Williamsburg. Jaleh is a graduate of Indiana University where she majored in ceramics and metalsmithing.

Learn more about Jaleh and view her artwork at her website: CargoCollective.com.