Edgies Teen Center Classes

Edgies Teen Center is committed to empowering New York City teens ages 13 – 18, ensuring that they have the skills, resources, and opportunities to achieve their full potential. Below is a listing of our current offerings. Please contact edgiestc@edalliance.org with any questions about classes or the application process.


Community Corner

Students take time to gather and get to know their fellow Edgies members. Staff are available for students who have something on their mind, need support, advice, resources, or help problem-solving.

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing explores how brands stand out in the digital age through social media, content creation, and web design. Students will gain an understanding of how to engage an audience and learn how to best use marketing tools to navigate the world of online marketing.

SAT Prep

Gain the tools and skills needed to successfully take the SAT test, apply for college, and prepare for a future career. Instructors will walk students through the college application process, fiscal responsibility, and career planning. Students will strengthen test-taking skills, and become familiar with SAT math and English content aligned with the newly redesigned SAT Exam.

Building Beats 

In Music Production, students will learn how to create original tracks using free, online software. Instructors provide engaging programming that teaches entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills to participants.

Senior Advisory

Tailored specifically for rising high school seniors. Senior Advisory walks students through every aspect of the college application process. Participants are also eligible to attend free college financial aid workshops. All senior class participants must attend one day per week.

Poetry and Photography

The course is a two part experience. In session one, participants will take a look into the story of Emma Lazarus, focusing on her activism and writing. Using their knowledge students will draw connections and write their own poetry pieces. In session two, participants will review a collection on photos documenting the Lower East Side in the 1930’s and make connections to their neighborhood and lives in 2020. Through this course the participants will create an archive to collect and preserve their history.

Watercolor Painting

This course will introduce you to watercolor painting in a fun and easy way! Lessons are designed to help you find your individual voice while learning the basics. You will learn different ways to put the paint down, how to use your brush, and how to play with color––all while expressing yourself. All levels of experience welcome!

For more info and to register email edgiesTC@edalliance.org or call (646) 395-4291.