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Volunteer Spotlight: Ting Ting

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Meet Ting Ting! She has been volunteering at MCC for three months in the 3-year-old Head Start Classroom, and has really enjoyed it so far. She is passionate about being a great role model for her own two young children, and all of the children in our schools. She chose to volunteer at MCC to be close to her children and part of a community that feels welcoming, kind, and familiar, while also gaining new skills from working in a classroom setting.

Read about her experience in her own words below:

 I started volunteering in November because I love to help people, and I have to be a good model for my kids, they see what I am doing and they will do the same.

I volunteer in the 3 year old classroom every week. I have experience volunteering with children in the past in the classroom at other community centers, but it’s nice to be in the same building with my children.

I love to play with the kids, help them with regular activities, and play in the gym together. I love working with them, and they are adorable. I also love being around everyone here, all the staff are really nice. That’s why I volunteer here because people are so kind and welcoming. And the community is so good to be in. To have our school, the senior center, the gym; it’s all we need in the neighborhood. I love doing the sing along activities with the seniors while they eat breakfast and I go with my kids. It’s a great time to be together as a community and would love to do things like that more.

The Head Start teacher I work with has given me a lot of knowledge about children, so it has been great to learn from her.

Volunteering makes me feel fulfilled and I want to be a good model for my kids, and that’s the most important thing for me.

Parents are children’s first teachers, so you have to be a good model and they will follow that. The other day I was on the train with my children and my daughter offered his seat to an older adult and I was so touched. It really shows that being a good model to them is important.

For fun I like to play with my kids, go to the gym with my husband, and spend time with my family. We have family days, where we go to the zoo or museum and have family time. That’s all I want: to enjoy time together.

All the precious things in the world are free, like air, sunshine, or volunteering.

Volunteers are integral to the work we do at Manny Cantor Center, our spotlight series provides an opportunity to share the stories of why community members volunteer, what they gain from the experience, and the impact they are able to make. Thank you to all who choose to come through our doors to help build the community we want to live in.

If you are interested in volunteering with us here at Manny Cantor Center, we have opportunities available for a variety of schedules and interests. Learn more about serving at MCC here.

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