Volunteer Spotlight: George & Marta

Meet Marta and George, They both volunteer in the Teen Center as support volunteers, both started in September of this past year and although they have never met, they both are committed to the teen center and enjoy the work they do here at MCC. As support volunteers, George and…...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Cindy

Meet Cindy! She just celebrated her one year Manny Cantor Center Volunteeraversary in October! She has done so many things here, and is always offering a helping hand. We wanted to highlight Cindy and share with you all that she is doing. Cindy is a regular lunch service volunteer at…...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Ilana Novick

Meet Ilana. She is a member and volunteer at MCC and has lived in the neighborhood for many years. She’s been volunteering with us since 2015, filling a number of different roles at MCC. Beginning with marketing for events around the community, doing community outreach and communication, and then following…...

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Educational Alliance mourns the death of Janet Weinberg

A Message from Alan van Capelle President and CEO, Educational Alliance Educational Alliance mourns the death of Janet Weinberg on September 1, 2018. Over the course of her life, Janet dedicated herself to improving the lives of others through her work in the fields of healthcare and social services. All…...

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Introducing our Studio Manager and Instructor Evan Hagan

Evan Hagan always knew that he wanted to be an artist. He began drawing at an early age, producing graphic novels and comics in his free time as a kid growing up in Peoria, Illinois. He continued to explore illustrating and drawing, and found a passion for ceramics when he…...

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