Pottery began as a casual hobby that Myagmarsuren’s sister found — so they could remain close as they grew up. Pottery was difficult at first but she continued learning and practicing and eventually pottery became an irreplaceable source of comfort, stress release, and growing pains. Most of her pieces are made on the wheel with occasional hand-building techniques thrown in. Inspiration for a piece can come from anywhere or anything, but Myagmarsuren is most receptive to ideas when she has just had a good laugh with her sister. Myagmarsuren approaches her work and teaching styles with the same mindset that allows her to appreciate the dichotomy of her upbringing spent in Mongolian and American cultures.

Striving to cultivate the best of both cultures within herself and embrace her identity — it’s led her to see the advantage of varying her knowledge of the craft to develop herself as an artist and instructor. Teaching pottery gives her a way to pass on to students all of the benefits this art form has afforded her beyond creating a piece to take home. It builds a sense of purpose, patience, and focus in a small pocket of a student’s life, and it is a prize to have a role in that.

You can see more of Myagmarsuren’s work on her Instagram page here.