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Working Out Safely with a Mask!

By Michelle Sholtis

Getting back to the gym is exciting, but working out with a mask can feel challenging. Here are some tips to make your next trip to the gym safe and comfortable.

Find the Right Mask. You want a breathable fabric and one that won’t get sweaty. Find one that is comfortable but also keep yourself protected. Check out sport masks like these from Adidas. Please note NY State guidelines state that buffs, bandanas, and vented masks are not permitted in gyms.

Bring Extra Masks. If you already have masks that you like, bring extra in case they do get wet. Breathing through your nose will produce less moisture on your mask than through your mouth.

Set Realistic Goals for Your Return. Exercising with a mask will make your workout feel harder. Give yourself time to acclimate, and take your time with your workouts. Start with shorter sets, a slower pace, or lighter weights.

Don’t Forget to Rest. Make your rest intervals a little longer to give you time to recover.

Stay Hydrated. Remember to bring your water bottle. Our water fountains are closed, but we have a water station set up to keep you hydrated throughout your workout.

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