LES Citizens Parade

Beginning this January, MCC will be participating in the creation of a performance art piece called the LES Citizens Parade. This event will celebrate the opening of the new eco-park at Pier 35 in June, and will be led by Choreographer Naomi Goldberg Haas (Artistic Director of Dances for a…...

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Meet MCC: Boro-Linc Resident Artist Cozbi Cabrera

We feel extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to host Cozbi A. Cabrera as our Boro-Linc resident artist this season. Cozbi led our spring program attendees in heirloom doll-making workshops inspired by performances from Lincoln Center’s Jazz and Chamber Music orchestras. From April to June community members explored questions of…...

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Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month With Us!

Did you know June is Immigrant Heritage Month? As a community hub for one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City, we’re proud to join organizations around the country to partner with Immigrant Heritage Month to celebrate our own immigrant heritage, past, present and future. Educational Alliance’s Manny Cantor Center has always…...

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MCC Fitness: Older Adult Health & Wellness Tips

With Senior Health and Fitness Day coming up at Manny Cantor Center on Wednesday, May 31, we wanted to share a couple of great tips for keeping a healthy mind and body into your later years. The following fit tips were collected from our expert MCC Fitness instructors and trainers…...

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Q&A with the Alliance Stage Company

Q&A with the Alliance Stage Company Have you ever wanted to act?  Write a play?  Sing and dance for an audience?  Design props and costumes?  Then check out this Q&A with the Alliance Stage Company.  The group is always looking for new members who want to explore the performing arts…...

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