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LES Citizens Parade

Beginning this January, MCC will be participating in the creation of a performance art piece called the LES Citizens Parade. This event will celebrate the opening of the new eco-park at Pier 35 in June, and will be led by Choreographer Naomi Goldberg Haas (Artistic Director of Dances for a Variable Population) and visual artist Laura Nova.

The project is aimed at creating a celebratory, visual journey that honors the experience of long-term LES residents. It will be an activist processional and performance connecting community members of NYC’s Lower East Side and performed by neighborhood seniors.  

Seniors from Educational Alliance’s Weinberg Center, along with LaGuardia Senior Center and Henry Street Senior Center will be participating and will begin rehearsals on January 26th. Rehearsals are being taught and choreographed by the fabulous Yehuda Hyman who was a LABA fellow in 2016, and is known for his Hassidic-style ecstatic dance choreography.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as the event unfolds!

For any questions about the event, please contact Karen Taylor at (646) 395-4274. 


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