All Parenting Center classes and workshops are currently being run via zoom.

Parenting Classes in NYC

At MCC Parenting, families come together, connect, and build friendships within a safe learning environment and nurtured by our expert facilitators. This welcoming experience within the Manny Cantor Center offers all families support while providing guidance for the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of raising a family from the very beginning.

Our staff meets each family wherever they are, and tailors support to meet each family’s individual needs and build on each family’s unique strengths. 

For more information and to register, contact us at 646.395.4250 or

Please note: Class dates and times are subject to change with notice. We will confirm your registration via email the week of your class session.

Breastfeeding Lime (Support Circle):

A free, safe, and friendly space to meet other nursing families and get answers about your breastfeeding concerns.

Wednesday, April 20, May 4, May 18, June 1 & June 22 @ 2PM Via Zoom

How To Breastfeed Naturally:

This free interactive class helps expectant parents understand how breast feeding actually works. During the class, expectant parents will learn how to attach baby to breast, various feeding positions and techniques to help baby get as much milk as possible. Mainly the side lying, football and cradle holds are explored, all of which are highly important to new parents. Partners gain a deeper sense of how breastfeeding really works and how to be helpful!

Registration must be completed 24 hours before the start of class.

Wednesday, May 4 & June 1 @ 5PM Via Zoom 

Caring for a Newborn Baby:

This free class offers an interactive look at care routines for newborn babies. You will receive a password protected link to stream a filmed version of the workshop where all demonstrations feature real families and their newborn babies. The video covers a number of daily routines and preparation for the initial stages of newborn care. In addition to the detailed video, you will be invited to join Andrea live on Zoom, for an in-depth discussion of the topics shown, as well as an opportunity to ask all of your questions. This workshop has been met with enthusiasm over the past 2 decades and is designed to give you the confidence to embrace this new phase of life with joy, ease, and a sense of humor.

Registration must be completed 24 hours before the start of class.

Wednesday, April 20, May 18 & June 22 @ 5PM Via Zoom

Family Resource Center @ MCC

For critical support and services for families, visit our Family Resource Center here. For more classes, workshops and activities, click here.