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Demetra Tsantes: Kidfit Ballet Instructor

Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to MCC to teach this course

“I have been working at MCC these last two years, but having been working with children for the last 6 years in various dance and afterschool programs. I am a professional Tap dancer who loves dancing and performing and bringing movement to as many as I can.”

What do you think are a few of the main benefits of participating in ballet starting at an early age?

“I think that the more outlets and options that kids have to engage in fitness and express themselves really benefits families and their overall environment. Giving students a safe place to express their feelings with no judgments is healthy. It allows children the freedom to learn and grow. Ballet at this young age is a great opportunity to start making moving and fitness and dancing an everyday part of their lives. Keeping their bodies and brains healthy is every family’s goal for their children.”

What is the most exciting part for you about teaching ballet with KidFit?

“This class is about meeting developmentally appropriate milestone movements and starting to be exposed to movement concepts like levels, focus, and balance. While learning these new skills and ideas, we incorporate basic ballet positions, steps, and rudiments.”

“I love seeing the students recognizing concepts and putting their ideas together with the music. Such a large part of the class is listening to different kinds of music and responding to it.”

“The way they react to the music – you can see them developing their own styles and movement patterns. That is the best part of watching your students grow; it’s seeing them further develop their own sense of self.”


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