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Meet Tina and Alex From Educational Alliance Art School’s Student Apprentice Program

From right to left: Works by Alex Lebedev and Tina Cerro

Meet Tina and Alex from our ceramics studio! In September 2019, ceramic artists Tina Cerro and Alex Lebedev were selected as our first student apprentices through a competitive application process. Their commitment to contribute to our community-based art school and their amazing work made them stand out. Over the past months, they have volunteered at least six hours a week in exchange for training in the studio craft of ceramics and technical skills. They also receive support to pursue their own work in our studio. Educational Alliance is following the long tradition of student apprentices in ceramic arts.

Alex shares, “The apprenticeship has allowed me to further my involvement in the studio and with the community around it. Beyond that, I appreciate the focus on the more technical aspects of the materials and techniques that we employ in the craft. My efforts help keep things running smoothly, making sure students have the necessary materials and helping them see their pieces through completion. I provide assistance and advice freely and try to promote a positive environment and inspire others in their own work.”

Tina adds, “I’ve gained more practical knowledge of what it takes to run a successful ceramic studio with all its moving parts from recycling clay, to properly stacking kilns, plus a much deeper understanding of glaze chemistry. I’ve been learning tons and am grateful for the opportunity. I like that my role as an apprentice has opened up more one on one contact with students at Manny Cantor; I try to nurture their own discovery of clay, while gaining confidence and practical skills.”

Evan Hagan, studio manager, instructor and ceramic artist, designed this program. He shares, “Our studio apprentices have quickly become an invaluable part of our artistic community. Both Alex and Tina donate their time and attention to important tasks that keep our ceramics studio operating efficiently. Whether called upon to homogenize and recycle our studio clay body, or repair damaged kiln shelves, Alex and Tina are always ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.”

Tina reminds us of the joy of working in the studio when she shares, “I hope to encourage the ceramics community to continue to thrive and come together for a shared love of clay, leaving the stress of everyday life at the door.”

Join us in the ceramics studio this spring to start or continue your artistic journey. All courses are open to new and returning students! Registration opens on 2/27 and courses begin on 3/30!