Liz Lohr is an artist and educator from Brooklyn who has spent more than half her life working in ceramics studios. Liz’s work on the interplay between bodies and objects comprises multiple disciplines including ceramics, video, installation, performance, and social practice. Working conceptually, her research and practice has led her to master many technical aspects of ceramics including hand building; wheel-throwing; mold making; press molding; slip casting; carving; plaster, clay and glaze formulation; slip decorating, underglaze and glazing techniques; electric, gas, salt and soda kiln firing. Her work has been shown and executed in multiple galleries and artist led events in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ.

In addition to her visual artistic practice, Liz has an extensive teaching practice focused on community, democratizing spaces, differentiated learning, and exposure to contemporary and historical art forms and the people who made them. She has taught in public schools and community centers in NYC and Phoenix, AZ, assisted at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, ME, and taught as a museum educator at the ASU Art Museum, including the Ceramics Research Center in Tempe, AZ.

Learn more about Liz and view her artwork at her website: