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“We are the Ones”: A Poem Written by MCC Leadership Team

The MCC leadership team meets weekly each Monday to plan, strategize, and discuss MCC’s mission and vision. This week, Senior Director of Older Adult Programs, Xiomara Maldonado led the group in a collective creative writing exercise. Together, we created this poem inspired by our experiences at MCC.  

“We are the Ones…” 

We are the ones who need to quiet our voices so others can shout. 

We are the ones who offer roots and wings. 

We are the ones who see your strengths and build your supports and scaffolds. 

We are the ones who amplify the quiet voices. 

We are the ones who stayed. 

We are the ones who build community together. 

We are the ones who skillfully learned to navigate our otherness, not by choice. 

We are the ones who take care of one another.