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Meet MCC: Jacky, MCC Fitness Member

Jacky has been a member at Manny Cantor Fitness for about four years now, since he was fifteen, and being part of the MCC Fitness family can only be described as a life-changing experience for him. Though he didn’t start using his membership until about a year and a half ago, his confidence is already boosted and he has even come up with a motto to help him during hard workout days: “look good, feel good, stay great.”

A huge draw of MCC Fitness, Jacky says, is the welcoming staff and being surrounded by motivated community members trying to improve- just like he is. “The more I come to the gym, the more people I meet and the more fun I have just working out at MCC,” he says. He loves the sense of community too and the fact that people support each other out during tough classes and straining workouts. “We all try to help each other during our workouts and to reach our fitness goals,” he says.  “The sense of community makes it easier to come to exercise.”

Jacky also loves the fact that he can see his work at MCC Fitness paying off. “I feel more confident in myself and how I look,” he says. “It gives me more life when I wake up in the morning and continue to see that my hard work is paying off.”

There’s no doubt that Jacky is sticking with his MCC Fitness family. “I really like to work out at MCC. The atmosphere and the conversations that I’ve had with some of the staff are fun. I find the whole experience amazing,” he says.