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MCC Fitness: Older Adult Health & Wellness Tips

With Senior Health and Fitness Day coming up at Manny Cantor Center on Wednesday, May 31, we wanted to share a couple of great tips for keeping a healthy mind and body into your later years. The following fit tips were collected from our expert MCC Fitness instructors and trainers who suggest that older adults focus on balance and muscle strengthening. Read on to see all of their health tips!

Stretch: ACSM recommends stretching for at least 10 minutes twice a week, a completely achievable goal!

Sit Less, Stand More: This can help with back, heart, and other issues. Join a walking group or try to go for a short brisk walk daily.

Get Balanced: Keep to a healthy, high-fiber diet and make sure to stay hydrated and not to skip meals. Also, engage in balancing exercises like standing on one leg next to a wall for a brief period. You can increase time as you get more balanced and even try closing one or both eyes as stand.

Stay Strong & Social: Visit MCC Fitness trainer Mike for strength-training exercises, get a good night sleep, stay in touch with family and old friends and make new ones at the Weinberg Center.

Stay well!


Want to learn more about Older Adult Health & Wellness at Manny Cantor Center? See our Silver Sneakers program and contact our Group Exercise and Programming Director, Carolina here