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Small Group Training vs. Personal Training

There’s a plethora of research that shows the benefits of physical exercise are astounding, but working out isn’t helpful if you dread every step of the way. Because of this, it’s important to find a workout routine that works for you. If you’re looking for some additional guidance when it…...

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What is a Community Wellness Center?

Ever wish there was a place where members of your community could gather to learn, explore, and grow together? Maybe you dream of a facility that embraces diversity, hosts educational workshops, and encourages children and adults alike to expand and improve their creativity, health, and well-being.  This is exactly what…...

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How You Can Benefit from an Adult Painting Class

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an art prodigy to enjoy painting and the benefits that come with creating art. From improving your mental health to sparking your creativity and enriching your social life, signing up for an adult art class can offer some invaluable benefits. Here…...

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