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Community Artist Spotlight: Painter and Printmaker Penny Sidi

Penny Sidi has been an art student at Educational Alliance Art School for over three years. She has taken a variety of art classes including printmaking, and both oil and acrylic painting. She is one of the artists from our community being featured in the 14Y Artists Group Show that…...

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We Stand With Immigrants, Refugees, and Children

Over the last few weeks, numerous news reports have confirmed that U.S. government agents have been forcibly separating children from their immigrant parents at our borders, and sending the children to foster homes or detention centers while their parents are sent to jail. Often, these parents do not know their…...

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Join us as we stand with Families Belong Together: June 14

Dear friends and colleagues, This morning, like most mornings, I stood in the lobby of MCC and watched a steady parade of children and caregivers come to school.  As grown-ups parked strollers and scooters, I could hear snippets of conversation: “Emma, do you have your lunchbox?” “James, please take your…...

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Building an Engaged Community: Join us on Sunday, 6/3

Here at Manny Cantor Center, we aspire to be a light in our neighborhood, and a place where people feel welcomed, safe, and inspired to take action. As a community center, we are a place where people gather and connect with one another—people from all different races, cultures, religions and…...

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A Passover Message from Executive Director Rabbi Joanna Samuels

As the Book of Exodus recounts, the Israelite people were enslaved for generations by a cruel Pharaoh in Egypt. After years of torment, God heard the cries of the people and liberated them from slavery, enabling them to cross through the Sea of Reeds to freedom.  But the story, as…...

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