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From Teacher to Student: Alex Pimienta

Alex Pimienta was a teacher with the Educational Alliance Art School over 11 years ago, but recently returned to teach with us again and become a student.

Alex moved to New York 25 years ago, and fell into the art scene through live music performances at Washington Square Park. After working for a while as a hairdresser, he went to art school and likes to say that now he “does a bit of everything.” Finding materials anywhere from construction sites to the 99 cent store, he can find a creative use for any object. Over the years his primary artistic passions have been as a muralist, a jeweler, and an art teacher.

Earlier this year, Alex began teaching a new class in 3D arts and sculpture for 5 to 13-year-old students at PS 142. But it wasn’t until he called HR that he realized that he had stepped back into an old place of work. This was the same organization that he had worked for 11 years before in the old Educational Alliance Art School where he taught wire sculpture and 3D collage.

Alex joined our Tuesday night ceramics class during winter session because he was curious about the medium, but finds that the group is what keeps him engaged. “It’s good to be back in a group of people wanting to work with their hands, to be close to the materials.”

In addition to his Tuesday night ceramics at Educational Alliance, he will now be joining us on Saturdays from 10:30AM-1PM to teach a new Jewelry Making with Recycled Materials Course. Alex is excited to be able to share his love of jewelry and his creative way at looking at the world with his students. “I think everyone should take art,” Alex said. “I feel like everyone needs to be in touch with their creativity.”

If you’re interested in joining Alex’s class, or want to learn more about our other Summer Term courses click here.

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