Personal Training & Small Group Training

Your wellness goals are our number one priority!

Our team of experienced and certified fitness professionals is here for you. We specifically design fitness programs to cater to your individual needs, including cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibility training.

Training Packages

Get in…out and on with your day with our 30 or 50 minute Personal Training Packages

Our trainers specialize in creating individualized workouts tailored specifically to your goals and aspirations.

We will keep various metric to show your improvement and safely challenge you beyond what you think you can achieve.

Choose the Option that’s best for you:

Intro Pack

Designed specifically for new members to get you quickly acclimated with our fitness equipment and services.

Jump Start

This package allows you to jump-start your training routine and add variety to your workouts.

10 Pack

Members with goals such as muscular development or weight loss find this package helpful.

Nutrition Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian will focus on general wellness, sports nutrition, eating disorder and recovery, food allergy/intolerance management, and digestive issues management. We will be providing 1-1 counseling to guide individuals in meeting their nutrition and wellness goals. 



Small Group Training

Combines the individualized instruction of personal training with the community atmosphere of Group Exercise Classes.

These programs also make for a great lower cost alternative to personal training while still delivering the results you are looking for. 

Programs such as Sculpt, Shape and Tone, Power Hour: Lifting for Women, Ready to Rumble: Boxing, and Interval Training are available.




*Individual sessions available for all training types.*

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