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Early Childhood

Meet MCC: Preschool Summer Session Director Jessica Bieber

With summer around the corner, we interviewed Educational Alliance Preschool Summer Session Director Jessica Bieber to see what’s coming up for kids at MCC this summer! What makes Educational Alliance Summer Session special? The Educational Alliance Preschool Summer Session is located within the vibrant, diverse Manny Cantor Center, which presents many wonderful…...

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Looking Forward To Edgies Summer Session

Educational Alliance Preschool Summer Session gives children ages 2-5 an engaging and enriching way to spend summer in the Lower East Side. Our nurturing, experienced teachers build an active exploration-based summer camp-style program, drawing inspiration from the interests of the children, our diverse neighborhood, and universally relevant Jewish values and…...

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Jewish Education Project Visits Educational Alliance Preschool

In-Site-Ful Journeys, a project of the Jewish Education project, connects colleagues in ongoing learning through site visits to area schools, virtual learning opportunities, and community field trips. They paid our Educational Alliance Preschool a visit on Monday, January 23, speaking with Jacqueline Marks, our Director and Louis Hamlyn-Harris our Associate…...

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A Note From Our Preschool: Singing For Freedom and Justice

Dear Families, Whenever I can, I slip into a classroom to catch one of Mariano’s music sessions. My favorite part comes when the children are given instruments and noisemakers and encouraged to play along. What’s remarkable about this exercise is not the joyous cacophony, but the moments of synchrony—when the group falls…...

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Meet Manny Cantor’s Early Childhood Visiting Fellow: Yang Zhang

We are thrilled to welcome visiting fellow, Yang Zhang to Manny Cantor Center. During her month-long stay organized by the State Department, Yang will be working with our Educational Alliance Head Start programs at Manny Cantor Center and Weinberg Senior Center to help us envision a three-generational model for learning. Manny…...

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